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Once we know the power of our imagination, and how using it to visualize objectives and desired conditions brings us closer to them in our objective reality, we come to the realization that theres different avenues to it.

While the ideal condition is for us to us all available stimulus to enhance the process, usually we have a tendency to prefer one over the others.

Some people find it really easy to see images of themselves achieving their goals, winning the championship cup, driving their dream car, or holding hands with the perfect romantic partner.

This is the visual orientation.

Some other people are more akin to words, and they find that affirmations and positive suggestion works better with them. Its easier for them to repeat in their minds “i am the champion”, “i live a life of financial plenitude and i get to travel all over the world” or “i have found the most amazing fulfilling relationship and i am deeply in love”.

This is the auditive orientation.

A third type of person deals better with emotion, its easier for them to identify the feeling in their bodies when they win the cup, have their dream house, or look into the eyes of their loved one.

This is the sensorial approach.

Which type are you? Try each of them now: get into a comfortable position and imagine something you want, try all the different approaches for a minute, find out which one resonates with you , which one excites you the most… and share your unique results in the comments!

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