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The first step is for you to lay back and observe, be aware that you are aware, that you are conscious and you can direct that consciousness wherever you want

  • you can focus on your throat, your hands or your heart

  • you can also focus on a memory, or an event that is yet to pass

  • you can focus on a candle, the sun, or the the moon

  • you can also focus it on things that seem out of this realm

Prolonged, sustained concentration on each of these will produce a different effect, but well talk about that later, the fact is that you have a maleable consciousness that takes any shape that you want

Use of this awareness produces effects, such as emotions, that you may feel when you remember a good or a sad time, these emotions have profound effects on the whole body, including but not limited to the immune system, cell regeneration, organ function, memory, body posture and more.

These in turn have also very deep effect on your day to day life

How many times have we made a bad decision because of an angry or sad state of mind? how many times we acquired a marvelous opportunity because we were “in the zone”, we performed to our best like never before at a seemingly random time?

What if we can vigorously influence these, or even control them?

As you see, from the consciousness stem the seeds that bring the circumstances with with which we meet in life

The main tool we have to influence our awareness is our conscious mind, for beyond that lies the immeasurable ocean of the subconscious mind, over which we have no DIRECT control

So starting there, lets take a look at our thoughts, in any given time.

What are we feeding our whole system?

If i had to sum up this book in a few lines, i would say something like this

“Energy follows attention, whatever you focus on, expands”

and if you can really grasp the meaning of this quote deep within you, you will have all the answers, all the power, in your hands.

Stop blaming others or outside circumstances of your current state. you have full responsibility over your own happiness.

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