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Everything in this universe is made of vibration, from rock solid matter, to emotions, thoughts and beyond, everything is tuned to a different wavelength. By aligning yourself to different frequencies, you create your perception of reality. It is so that you are responsible for EVERYTHING that comes into your consciousness, by means of your actions, words, and thoughts.

This means that you have the capability to create for yourself any kind of reality that you wish for, the only requirement for this is for you to align yourself to the desired vibration with intensity and endurance, until, from the subtle to the gross aspect, all of your being synchronizes itself to your will.

You can be, what you will to be, it is your essence and birthright.

This site outlines some methods and techniques which will help you create more vitality, endurance and motivation, which will enable you to sustain your vision, and thus give it shape in the material world, conquering any obstacle, solving any problem, and achieving any goal.

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