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☲ A deep journey through 
Human design 
with a modern

Gene Keys approach

☲ Here we offer you the most complete, unique of its kind, integral approach to studying a human design chart

Join us for a 16 week Integral Human Design Reader Certification

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And more!

☲ This mentoring program teaches you everything you need to know to start giving in-depth readings of any chart and make a living from it.

☲ Whether you decide to become a pure IHD analyst or to use this tool in your own coaching business, this course will get you there.

☲ In these 16 weeks of live teachings, we combine the knowledge of Human Design, the Gene Keys and the I-Ching.

☲ In this way we give you the most holistic, practical understanding of the transmission, so that you can share it with the world in your own way.

Below is all the information you need to know about the program

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Starts March 27th 2023
Applications are OPEN!

(payment plans available)

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Week 1:

 Intro to IHD
Chinese I-Ching
Human Design bodygraph
Gene Keys synthesis
Integral Theory
☲ Astrology 
How they are all connected

Week 2:

☲ The 5 Types: Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor & Reflector
 Their energy blueprint & strategy from a holistic perspective
Their highest spiritual purpose as well as practical roles in society
Tips & tricks for everyday living
How to help & relate with them.

Week 3:

The 9 centers & 64 Gates - Part I
Energy centers - shadow, gift, siddhi, defined, undefined, gates / gene keys + practical advice.

Week 4:

The 9 centers & 64 Gates - Part II
Awareness centers - shadow, gift, siddhi, defined, undefined, gates / gene keys + practical advice.

Week 5:  

The 9 centers & 64 Gates - Part III
Direction centers - shadow, gift, siddhi, defined, undefined, gates / gene keys + practical advice.

Week 6: 

The 7 Authorities How to make decisions as yourself: emotional, sacral, splenic, ego-projected, self-projected, mental, lunar.
The hierarchy of authorities and the possible combinations + connections to types.
Tips, pitfalls, usual difficulties

Weeks 7-8:

The 6 lines - Mind (conscious personality) vs body (unconscious energy)
The 6 lines in their life’s work (+branding / marketing), health and relationships.

Week 9: 

Circuitry I: The 7 Energy Streams & 36 Channels
Integration, tribal, nurturing & empowering circuits

Week 10:

Circuitry II: The 7 Energy Streams & 36 Channels
Creating, exploring & guiding circuits

Week 11:

Variables: Arrows, determination, cognition, environment, motivation, view perspective.

Week 12:

Incarnation Crosses 
Putting all the pieces together

Weeks 13-16 :

Integrating the teachings
Q&A about your reading practice
Live readings & group practice
Professional guidance to start your business:

-How to structure a reading
-Handling bookings & online platforms
-Promoting your business


Starts March 27th 2023
Applications are OPEN!

(payment plans available)

What you GET:

䷀ Introduction to Integral Human Design video - worth €27

䷀ The 4 Types course - worth €47

The 7 Authorities course - worth €77

The 6 Lines course - worth €197

The 9 Centers & 64 Keys course  - worth €297

The 7 Circuits & 36 Channels course - worth €247

The 4 Variables course - worth €147

16 x 90min live Zoom calls with us (diving deeper into the topic of the week, Q&A, discussion, co-contemplation, …) 

An online study folder with written, audio and video material from the founders and best teachers of HD & GK, updated every week.

Access to a google drive folder with
 extra study / visual material when you finish the program.

 months of facebook / telegram group support to answer all questions.


"The short & concise video format makes it so easy to study, i tell myself, lets watch one or two, and end up watching 4. Super Engaging!"


If you want to go deeper in Human Design, with a modern, updated approach on the system, this course is a no brainer.

If you come from a Gene Keys background, and want to delve deeper into Human Design, the unique perspective of  this course will be the easiest, most aligned path to do so.

If you want to use HUMAN DESIGN as an add-on to your existing coaching programs, this course IS MADE FOR YOU.

☯ This course will endow you with a profound understanding of yourself and others. 

 Each person's unique role and gifts.  

 How each of you can take a more harmonious role in business and relationships.

Where to expect friction between two profiles and how to handle it in any dynamic

☯ This is the ultimate program to build a solid foundation of your human design experience.

You will learn how to read the most important aspects of anyones chart, and be ready to apply it in your personal practice, coaching program, or with your friends and family.


Starts March 27th 2023
Applications are OPEN!

(payment plans available)

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'"Looking for a deep dive into the knowledge of HD and GK?

Fabrice and Luciano are the perfect guides with their mentoring program.

Their own amazing practical videos, lot's of additional study material and for me the most important piece, the safe container that's created to share insights, questions and 'private' guidance, makes this program an amazing journey to become an authentic guide in HD and GK.

 - Catherine Billet, Belgium


"This course gave a much deeper knowledge of who i am.

Fabrice and Luciano teach the information in a very clear and informative way.

I loved the course, it really gave me a deeper meaning, so im very happy to have joined.

They have a lot of wisdom and they radiate calmness and firmness on top of the knowledge they provide.

It has been a real pleasure, im very grateful for everything i have learned from them both.

"Luciano and Fabrice, I would like to thank you!

You together create an unique dynamic which not only guides people through the Integral Human Design theory but shows us how the living true-self wisdom can be embodied.

Your projectors´ aura reveal the layers which need to be peeled off from the participant´s mind so that he/she can start their own journey in becoming a guide.

I appreciate your open sharing, thank you for all the practical business tips and thank you for kicking me to action! That kick was the most valuable. Veronika Angelika Cabelova, Czech Republic

 - Veronika Angelika Cabelova, Czech Rep


"This program contains all you need to know about Human Design and is presented in a very aesthetic & pleasing way which brought me joy to dive into and explore the rich material.

The opportunity to ask individual questions in the weekly Q&A sessions is very valuable in learning how to apply the knowledge in a way that makes more sense.

I feel more confident in understanding the charts of my branding clients now.

Luciano and Fabrice are a great team and I highly valued learning from fellow projectors. Thank you.

 - Awi


"I am so grateful to have found Fabrice and Luciano and their guides course!

I find that they are deep in the knowledge with wisdom and grace and without the dogma that I find present in some Human Design communities.

They have created a course that is both comprehensive and digestible.

I am an Astrologer and Life Coach and now, after taking their Human Design Guides course, I feel confident in my abilities to add Human Design to empower my clients.

arion DeSio, California, USA



"Ever since discovering Luciano and Fabrice on YouTube, I knew that they were the teachers I wanted to learn from.

Their integral approach with combining the poetic Gene Keys and the structural Human Design was exactly what I was looking for, and what was missing the Human Design world, in my opinion.

Since their YouTube videos were already so packed value, I could only imagine how their course would be. My expectations were met and I am SO thankful I took the leap and followed my Sacral response to taking this course. It wasn't my first Human Design course, but the most impactful one indeed!

I thank Luciano and Fabrice for their time, dedication, flexibility, guidance and am really excited to implement what I have learned into my sessions."


"I had been wanting to go deeper into the study of Human Design for several years and was waiting for the right moment.

When I encountered Fabrice, I knew immediately that he was right for me, without even knowing much more about him.

In the months we have been working together I have deepened my understanding of both Human Design and the Gene Keys dramatically, as well as insights and revelations into my own unique make-up.

Fabrice has been an invaluable mentor, guide and now colleague and friend too. Highly recommended."

- Damien, Australia


"I have great gratitude for this adventurous introduction to Integral Human Design.

Our one on one apprenticeship gave me a thorough and deep understanding of HD and the Gene Keys with a treasure trove of resources to explore at the end.

Things were flowing and flexible while maintaining a focused and structured energetic container.

If you wish to take a deep dive into this material, I strongly recommend Fabrice as your guide."

- Stan, United States


“When I first learned about Human Design I was immediately hooked.

I started with my own research and self-study but often felt confused and overwhelmed by all this information. I really felt like I needed to know more but I didn’t have the structure.

I started to experiment with my strategy and authority and one day, out of the blue, I saw Fabrice on Instagram offering this program.

My body screamed a big Yes! I was in. I did have a really inspiring business reading with him a few weeks prior to that, so I was very excited to learn from him.

The program is very well structured, and the courses he created with Luciano are fantastic.

The depth and details are incredible.

The highlight of my week was the live call with Fabrice. His knowledge and wisdom are so contagious.

I felt so grateful and inspired after every call.

With all the knowledge he transmitted to me I now feel really confident, and can’t wait to jump into giving readings myself.

It was a life changing experience!”

- Sanja from Slovenia


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✔ The Teachers:

Fabrice & Luciano  are  Human Design & Gene Keys guides, with 7+ years of experience on the systems and 20+ years combined experience on meditation & other spiritual practices.

click the images to learn more

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* All sales are final - No refunds 

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