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"If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self." 

— Joe Dispenza

Hello and welcome!

my name is

Luciano Armani

I am passionate about the study of awarness, mindset & upgrading every aspect of

the human experience

I have more than 13 years of training in disciplines like traditional meditation, tantra, shamanism, human design, yoga, health and fitness.

I specialize in finding SOLUTIONS for YOU


I do that by recognizing patterns & pinpointing where you might be out of alignment, offering guidance & tools to help you THRIVE.

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What do i offer?

I do ONLY 1-1 sessions, because i feel that is the best way to witness you and guide you properly, with a CUSTOM approach, tailor made for YOU.


I want you to:

Feel vibrantly HEALTHY in your own body

  Feel creative, efficient and productive
 Have peace of mind
 Find your sense of connection & purpose

(aka spiritual development)

▲  Have a solid structure to get YOU to your DREAM LIFE

▲  Use your gifts to navigate life with EASE, FLOW, & GRACE 

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If you:

▼ Feel stressed, burned out, stuck, or otherwise unhappy with where you are right now

▼ Usually get into overthinking, negative self-talk, or give in to

FEAR and limiting beliefs

▼ Are looking for guidance, tools & structuring to re-ignite your life 

▼ Want someone to go DEEP with, that will FULLY SEE YOU


▼ Want to find ALIGNMENT at the deepest level

▼ Want to feel Healthy, radiant, thriving and INSPIRED like never before

▼ Want to commit to to making a RADICAL upgrade to your life

This is for YOU

“Mentoring resulted in a Return On Investment of almost six times the program cost as well as improvements in relationships, teamwork, job satisfaction and quality.”  

- Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives

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What my clients have to say:

"I came to Luciano to Re-Ignite my masculine flame, improve the connection with my partner and to find support in handling sexual energy.

He helped me by teaching me how to circulate the energy in my body, showing me how to do sexual energy sublimation, & applying awareness and meditation techniques.

After the session that i did with him i had the MOST amazing lovemaking with my partner, it really improved my overall sex life afterwards & empowered my masculine essence.


It is so wonderful to receive this transmission from someone whos knowledgeable, whos open, and knows what he is talking about.


It was super helpful for me, and also really FUN!

I would recommend Luciano for people who need direction in personal & spiritual development, to really becoming CENTERED.


If you want to have a teacher who can show you how to integrate meditation, using your energy & coming to ALIGNMENT reach out to him.

I really believe in the concept of TRANSMISSION, & that is what happens when you work with Luciano "

-René Bos, Netherlands


Awareness, Tools & Inspiration

What do you need HELP with?

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