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A deep journey through 
Human design 
with a modern
Gene Keys approach

Here we offer you the most complete, unique in it's kind, foundational approach to the basis of studying a human design chart

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The course includes:

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Module 1 - The 4 Aura Yypes:

This module will give you access to your unique aura type.

Each aura type has a strategy, the correct way in which you need to engage with life.

This will provide more ease and flow your business and personal relationships.


☯ Module 2 - The 7 authorities:

This module will endow you with an empowered decision making process.

This process is finely tuned to YOUR unique profile, removing the overthinking, hesitation and frustration from your life.


☯ Module 3 - The 9 Centers:

This module will provide deep insight into your main conditioning patterns, shedding light on the shadows that might be making you engage in unfulfilling relationships, friendships and business dynamics.

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☯ Module 4 - The 6 Lines
(included ONLY in the advanced package)

En even deeper dive into your personality patterns.

A cornerstone of both human design and gene keys.


☯ This is the ultimate course to build a solid foundation of your human design experience.

You will learn how to read the most important aspects of anyones chart, and be ready to apply it and share that knowledge with your friends and family.

☯ All the videos are packed with theory and practical examples you can implement in your life RIGHT NOW.

The content is curated and simplified, so you don't have to listen to hours and hours of lectures on each single topic.

We don't ramble or rant. Just tools and experience.

If you are a beginner or intermediate in Human Design and want to go deeper, with a modern, updated approach on the system, this course is a no brainer.

✔ If you come from a Gene Keys background, and want to delve deeper into Human Design, the unique perspective of  this course will be the easiest, most aligned path to do so.

☯ This course will endow you with a  profound understanding of yourself and others. 

 Each person's unique role and gifts.  

 How each of you can take a more harmonious role in any dynamic.

Where to expect friction and how to handle it in any relationship

With the course, we will also
include the
Design Keys intro deck:

A set of 30+ digital cards so you can quickly study and reference the material anytime.

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To learn more about the deck

What you GET:

5 videos on types:

 How to read the basic elements of a chart
 What are the aura types
 How is each aura unique
 What is the correct strategy for your aura
 Shadows of each of the types and how to turn them into gifts
 Practical examples in day to day life

8 videos on authorities:

What are the authorities
Hierarchy of authorities
How to make aligned decisions for each type
Shadows of each of the types and how to turn them into gifts 
Practical examples in day to day life

36+ videos on the centers:

What are the centers, & how they influence your behaviour and others around you
Defined vs undefined centers
Shadows, gifts and siddhis of each center
How to decondition yourself from a wrongly conditioned center
What each of the gates on each center means and how does it apply to you and the whole profile
Practical examples in day to day life

Over 9 hours of condensed, curated content.

LAUNCH price 


Save 20%!


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Less than 10€ pervideo
+ Free Design Keys Digital Deck !


 The teachers:

Fabrice & Luciano  are  Human Design & Gene Keys guides, with 7+ years of experience on the systems and 20+ years combined experience on meditation & other spiritual practices.

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Learn quicker

Learn how to read any chart with ease, and accelerate your study!

No need to sift through tons of books, videos or posts anymore. 

Go Deeper

Ideal as a gift

Identify your shadow patterns & how they are blocking your relationships or your financial freedom.

For anyone interested in human design or gene keys and wanting to study deeper.

Give them the gift of wisdom & uniqueness

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☯ What are the Design Keys?

It is an integrated combination containing the best of the Human design and Gene keys systems.

☯ Why combine them?

Human design provides practical tools to start making changes in your life right now, which can have an immediate beneficial effect. It is a  masculine / yang approach.

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Gene keys provides depth and long term understanding of your patterns. The essence of the teaching is to slowly polish your shadows into gifts, as you contemplate them. It is a Feminine, / Yin approach.

It is the combination of both that, to our criteria, provides the most balanced and beneficial approach for self development.

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