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Every Gene Key available at a glance:


All the information in one place:

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NEW! Version 2.0
ALL the spheres of the golden path and it's line keynotes:

What you GET:

-30 Design Keys Cards (pdf) with:

-Complete information about each Gene Key:

  -Shadow - Gift - Siddhi
  -I-ching Hexagram & name

  -Victim state
  -Programming Partner
  -Circuitry group
  -Codon ring
  -Human Design Center & Channels
  -Astrological Sign & Element
  -Gate & Archetype
(thanks to unlockyourdesign!)

NEW! Version 2.0 March 2022:

-Complete information for EVERY sphere in the golden path:  Life's work, Evolution, Radiance, Etc.

Includes keynotes for each of the lines, on ALL of the spheres.

-3 posters (pdf) including ALL of this information

-Compact or Stylish design
-Have it as a foldable, accesible anywhere, or hang it on your wall so you can see it anytime
-Black and White printer friendly version INCLUDED

I provide all the HIGH RESOLUTION files so you can use them in ANY DEVICE, or print them in ANY FORMAT

This is a 100% digital product.

"Trust me, if you are studying the Gene Keys in any way, you are going to use these ALL THE TIME"



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Limited 2.0 RELAUNCH price:


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Save 25%!


Slightly over 1 per card + Free posters!


Get it in a bundle with the
original DESIGN KEYS

(Human Design oriented)

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34€ + 36€ = 70

Poster 1.0 Legacy Colors.jpg



Save an EXTRA 25+%!


What people are saying:

Get 4 activation sequence cards for FREE!
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03 - Radiance.png
02 - Evolution.png
01 - Life's work.png
Poster - Stylish - Side A.png

Learn quicker

Study any profile with ease, and accelerate your study!

No need to sift through tons of books or pdfs anymore. 

Always on hand

Programming partners, Codon Rings, Shadows, Gifts and Siddhis, all in your pocket! 

(plus they look really cool don't they?)

Ideal as a gift

For anyone interested in Gene Keys or 
Human Design.

Send the digital file or prepare a unique print for your loved one!.

Questions? Contact me on Facebook

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Want to go deeper?

We just launched a new course!

check it out on the link below

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What are the Design Keys?

It is an integrated combination containing the best of Human design and Gene keys.

Why combine them?

Human design provides practical tools to start making changes in your life right now, which can have an immediate beneficial effect. It is a  masculine / yang approach.

hd trans.png
keys trans.png

Gene keys provides depth and long term understanding of your patterns. The essence of the teaching is to slowly polish your shadows into gifts, as you contemplate them. It is a Feminine, / Yin approach.

It is the combination of both that, to my criteria, provides the most balanced and beneficial approach for self development.

Want to learn more? 



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