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Design keys 2: Gene Keys Essentials

-36 Design Keys Cards (pdf) with:

-Complete information about each Gene Key:

  -Shadow - Gift - Siddhi
  -I-ching Hexagram & name
  -Victim state
  -Programming Partner
  -Circuitry group
  -Codon ring
  -Human Design Center & Channels
  -Astrological Sign & Element
  -Gate & Archetype (thanks to unlockyourdesign!)


-Complete information for EVERY sphere in the golden path: Life's work, Evolution, Radiance, Etc.Includes keynotes for each of the lines, on ALL of the spheres.

-3 posters (pdf) including ALL of this information

-Compact or Stylish design
-Have it as a foldable, accesible anywhere, or hang it on your wall so you can see it anytime
-Black and White printer friendly version INCLUDED

I provide all the HIGH RESOLUTION files so you can use them in ANY DEVICE, or print them in ANY FORMAT

This is a 100% digital product, delivered to your e-mail immediately after your purchase.

"Trust me, if you are studying the Gene Keys in any way, you are going to use these ALL THE TIME"


Design keys 2: Gene Keys Essentials

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$36.00Sale Price
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