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  • Custom real life troubleshooting
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Our kickstart package
Complete life transformation
Go beyond
  • 4 live skype sessions 
  • 2 E-mail check-ins a week
  • Basic resource package
  • 8 live skype sessions
  • Unlimited E-mail check-ins a week
  • Full resource package, including the digital library pack and the personal affirmations
  • Unlimited live skype sessions 
  • Unlimited E-mail check-ins 
  • Full resource package
  • Complete transformation package

Kundalini Yoga:

The technology of ecstasy

Digital library pack

  • Pendrive or digital package
  • Mind expanding videos
  • Digital tools:
    • Binaural and isochronic brainwave stimulation Learn more
  • Powerful affirmations
  • Access to our digital library: Books that will transform your life deeply
  • Audio tracks for meditation and study

Kundalini Yoga is the basis of power & awareness to achieve greater transformation. I share my personal practice with 9 years of experience into Tantra & Kundalini yoga. Adviced for intermediate & advanced students.

Practices go from 1:30 to 3 hours+


I offer private lessons to interested students, in person or via skype. Students are accepted on a case by case basis, send an e-mail to info@theintelligentdesign.org or use our contact form.










Personalized affirmation track

  • Your choice of music, natural sounds, or state of the art binaural / isochronic brainwave stimulation​ Learn more
  • Affirmations are tailored to your own personal needs​:
    • Improve your health
    • Heal any disease
    • Increase your wealth
    • Attract your life partner
    • Improve academical performance
    • Athletic performace​
    • Master any skill or technique

Sample Affirmation

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