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Are you a Human Design

Do you sometimes feel:

Like you are invisible, not seen or not heard
Burned out / overworked / exhausted
Not knowing how to make a living without compromising
Feeling misunderstood in your relationships
Feeling Bitter or Resentful towards life or other people
✔ Feeling unrecognized for your achievements, knowledge or wisdom
✔ Like you don't have enough energy for the things you want to do

We have been there too!

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Those things only changed when we learned to act in a completely different way, living life Projector style.

As a projector, things should flow easily, with plenty of relaxation time, leveraged income, and full recognition in your relationships

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Yet it is not always clear how to get there!

(In fact, some human design content out there might have left you even more confused!)

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In order to help you with this, we created this 6 week journey to really understand and embody the projector signature

☲ We are sharing all our best tips, hacks, and tools to make your projector journey successful

(You will save yourself YEARS of trial & error with these)

☲ We give you a practical understanding of the transmission, combined with our own, down to earth, real life experience of living life as a Projector

Below is all the information you need to know about the program


Intro: What is a projector and how should we operate?

The projector aura type & it's role
Invitations: Do we really need to wait for EVERYTHING?
What does it mean to be RECOGNIZED?
 From Bitterness / Resentfulness to SUCCESS

 Health: How to refine our health and vitality as projectors

 Energy management
 Exercise & fitness the projector way
Sacral Addiction
Biohacking tips for projectors

Prosperity: How to do business and earn the projector way

☲ The projector attractor field
 Leveraging your energy
 Successful projector business examples
 Projector branding

Relationships: How to relate with others for harmonious long term exchanges 

Projectors in relationship with the other types

 Non-negotiables for projector relationships - Boundaries
 Learn to surf the sacral tide
 Projector sexuality: guiding the sexual energy
☲  Fractal: What is it and how to find my people

Date to be announced

Applications are OPEN!

What you GET:

䷀ Recorded videos every monday for 8 weeks
With our best tips, hacks and life lessons

䷀ Live calls every thursday for 8 weeks

-Sharing insights, asking questions, applying the knowledge

     -Get our personal guidance for your specific scenarios

 8 Weeks of Facebook / Telegran support to ask offline questions



"The short & concise video format makes it so easy to study, i tell myself, lets watch one or two, and end up watching 4. Super Engaging!"


If you want to get a deep transmission on what it means to be a PROJECTOR this is the course for you

If you come from a Gene Keys background, and want to delve deeper into Human Design, the unique perspective of  this course will be the easiest, most aligned path to do so.

If you want to understand & guide other projectors on their path in your practice or coaching program, this course will be an eye opener.

Date to be announced
Applications are OPEN!

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"I had been wanting to go deeper into the study of Human Design for several years and was waiting for the right moment.

When I encountered Fabrice, I knew immediately that he was right for me, without even knowing much more about him.

In the months we have been working together I have deepened my understanding of both Human Design and the Gene Keys dramatically, as well as insights and revelations into my own unique make-up.

Fabrice has been an invaluable mentor, guide and now colleague and friend too. Highly recommended."

- Damien, Australia


"I have great gratitude for this adventurous introduction to Integral Human Design.

Our one on one apprenticeship gave me a thorough and deep understanding of HD and the Gene Keys with a treasure trove of resources to explore at the end.

Things were flowing and flexible while maintaining a focused and structured energetic container.

If you wish to take a deep dive into this material, I strongly recommend Fabrice as your guide."

- Stan, United States


“When I first learned about Human Design I was immediately hooked.

I started with my own research and self-study but often felt confused and overwhelmed by all this information. I really felt like I needed to know more but I didn’t have the structure.

I started to experiment with my strategy and authority and one day, out of the blue, I saw Fabrice on Instagram offering this program.

My body screamed a big Yes! I was in. I did have a really inspiring business reading with him a few weeks prior to that, so I was very excited to learn from him.

The program is very well structured, and the courses he created with Luciano are fantastic.

The depth and details are incredible.

The highlight of my week was the live call with Fabrice. His knowledge and wisdom are so contagious.

I felt so grateful and inspired after every call.

With all the knowledge he transmitted to me I now feel really confident, and can’t wait to jump into giving readings myself.

It was a life changing experience!”

- Sanja from Slovenia


Have other questions?
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✔ The Teachers:

Fabrice & Luciano  are  Human Design & Gene Keys guides, with 7+ years of experience on the systems and 20+ years combined experience on meditation & other spiritual practices.

click the images to learn more

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