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Private Mentoring

As a student of the 2022 Guides Program, you have the possibility to apply for private mentorship with us.

If you join, you get dedicated 1-on-1 time with each of us, and the extra support that you might need during those 12 weeks. 

This offer is for you if want to: 

Accelerate your learning process 

☲ Integrate the knowledge more easily 

☲ Learn all the nuances of your unique profile and how every piece fits together

☲ Get custom guidance and tips to start your own HD business

☲ Learn directly from our personal experience in the industry 

In short, it’s for you if you want that

VIP experience.


Spots will be limited to a few people, for practical reasons and to make sure that most of our time is spent on the group container. 


Below is a description of this  package:


Advanced HD / GK reading

☯ Course tutoring 

☯ Business reading + mentoring

☯ Personalized PDF guide to start your business 


☯ 3 x 90min 1 on 1 calls during the program

☯ Private telegram chat 


☯ 1 payment of €997 or… 

☯ 3 payments of €397 (monthly installments) 



If you’re not interested in this offer, or if you don’t have the financial means for it - don’t worry!


The group program is designed to give you a complete experience, so you will not feel left out or lacking important information.


This private mentoring is really for those who want that extra edge and special attention to get started with this work.

We are looking forward to share these amazing tools with you!

Fabrice & Luciano

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