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Would you like to get clarity and direction into the best use of your innate gifts?

We will use 

Design keys 

(Human design + Gene keys) 

to give you insight on:


-How to make the correct decisions for you

-Which are your strenghts and vulnerabilities

-What you should look out for in business, health and relationships

It's like having a user manual for your body with instructions on how to use it best!


Luciano - Design Keys Specialist

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Think of me as a wise counselour, the archetypal figure that is the right hand of the hero, king or queen.


How does it Work?


We book a session together, either in person or online, and we go through essential aspects of your life, personality, and current challenges.

We will go through your main conditioning patterns, and you will receive solutions, insight and practices to dramatically improve your situation.


You will receive your own personality keys, which will empower your decision making for the rest of your life.

By the end of the call, you will have clarity on which direction you want to go to, and which steps you can take right now to start moving that way, along with the roadmap to your biggest obstacles along the way.

Some of the topics we can choose to focus on:

Life's Purpose - Health and vitality - Mindset - Work and earning

Relationships - Dealing with emotions - Creativity

Launching a new enterprise

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After this session, if you choose to go deeper, and want further support on the journey, we can discuss a long term mentoring program.

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"My personal definition of magic is also very simple – it is the art of doing nothing outside your own nature.


What this means is that magic is everywhere and in everything, and if you simply move from your heart, then magick is the result.

This may sound rather lame for the hard-nosed business people out there, but there is nothing soft about making money the easy way.


The easy way, as you will see, is through keeping everything as simple as possible.


More money is lost to businesses through inefficiency than any other way, and inefficiency is the result of over-complicating life."

-Richard Rudd
(author of the gene keys).

That's it? no free PDF? no 5 day challenge?

Isn't it selling out soon? 

Don't you want my e-mail?

Nobody wants to be sold, rushed, or manipulated anymore.

I like to keep things simple and honest, and im happy to answer your questions personally.


Click below to message me directly on facebook.

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Free Resources on Youtube :

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On deep listening

What is really important?

What my clients have to say:


"I came to Luciano to Re-Ignite my masculine flame, improve the connection with my partner and to find support in handling sexual energy.

He helped me by teaching me how to circulate the energy in my body, showing me how to do sexual energy sublimation, & applying awareness and meditation techniques.

After the session that i did with him i had the MOST amazing lovemaking with my partner, it really improved my overall sex life afterwards & empowered my masculine essence.


It is so wonderful to receive this transmission from someone whos knowledgeable, whos open, and knows what he is talking about.


It was super helpful for me, and also really FUN!

I would recommend Luciano for people who need direction in personal & spiritual development, to really becoming CENTERED.


If you want to have a teacher who can show you how to integrate meditation, using your energy & coming to ALIGNMENT reach out to him.

I really believe in the concept of TRANSMISSION, & that is what happens when you work with Luciano "

-René Bos, Netherlands

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