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A deep journey through 
Human design 
with a modern
Gene Keys approach

 The 6 Lines of the hexagram are here to give you specific insights into the unique character that you came here to play. 

In other words - they represent the ways in which you are meant to impact the world as well as how the world impacts you.


 There are 2 core lines in your profile:
one representing your conscious personality 
and the other your unconscious patterns. 

1 / 3

4 / 6


5 / 2

  All aspects are explored in the courses. 

In this series, we explore each line through 4 different angles: 


☯ Life's Work - Your Natural Genius:
What you came here to DO.

☯ Brand - Your Unique Style:
How to market yourself authentically.


☯ Health - Your Radiance:

What keeps you healthy and fulfilled. 

☯ Relationships - Your Patterns:

Your unconscious emotional tendencies. 

If you are a beginner or intermediate in Human Design and want to go deeper, with a modern, updated approach on the system, this course is a no brainer.

If you come from a Gene Keys background, and want to delve deeper into Human Design, the unique perspective of  this course will be the easiest, most aligned path to do so.

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"The short & concise video format makes it so easy to study, i tell myself, lets watch one or two, and end up watching 4. Super Engaging!"


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Our most complete, flagship course bundle



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☯ What are the Design Keys?

It is an integrated combination containing the best of the Human design and Gene keys systems.

☯ Why combine them?

Human design provides practical tools to start making changes in your life right now, which can have an immediate beneficial effect. It is a  masculine / yang approach.

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Gene keys provides depth and long term understanding of your patterns. The essence of the teaching is to slowly polish your shadows into gifts, as you contemplate them. It is a Feminine, / Yin approach.

It is the combination of both that, to our criteria, provides the most balanced and beneficial approach for self development.

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