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with Luciano Armani

Would you like to get clarity and direction into the best use of your innate gifts?

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From Confusion to Clarity

From Suffering to Alignment

From Frustration to Purpose

Luciano Armani - Human Design & Gene Keys Guide

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Human Design + Gene Keys

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Your Design keys 

(Human design + Gene keys) 


Can give you insights on:

  • How to make the correct decisions for you

  • Which are your strenghts and vulnerabilities

  • How to become more succesful in business, health and relationships,  just by being yourself.

It's like having a user manual for your body with instructions on how to use it best!

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Want to study on your own?

Get my free Masterclass on the

9 Human
Design Centers

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I just had a session with Luciano and I am truly blown away.

I booked the session because for quite some time I couldn’t tap into my essence. My mind was trying to make sense out of all the information I had. I have taken some Human Design courses prior to that, had a HD reading and started my contemplative journey of Gene Keys yet I felt like things were not connecting in me.

During session with Luciano, I’ve had powerful activations and realizations which lead to a deep integration of the aspects of myself I was suppressing.

It turned out that I was fighting in myself things which are my gifts.

Embracing them feel truly comforting. It felt like home coming.

It's interesting that some of the things I heard from Luciano were the things I was aware of, yet they didnt land until this session.

It felt like there was so much energy moving inside of me while we were discussing my Human Design and Gene Keys- Luciano’s energy and presence are deal breaker. One can really feel his embodiment of the work he is doing.

I totally loved the session and I highly recommend it if you want to go beyond the mind that tries to figure out things and just tap into your design, embrace it and shine it out to the world.     -Magdalene

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Want to go deeper?

We just launched a new course!

check it out on the link below

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Want to make your study of the systems 

Easy, Practical & Efficient?

Check out the

easiest, most beautiful and condensed way to go deeper into Human Design & Gene keys

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