Are you a coach, teacher or entrepreneur?

Do you want to create a new brand, or take your existing brand to the
next level, with professional looking visuals

I can assist you in every step of the process

Have you ever had to interface with branding experts, stylists, photographersvideographers, web developers, & graphic designers to create a project?

If you do, you know that is a lot of people involved!

 it can easily get messy and take 3x-5x the time & money you expected!

I offer you ALL of these services so the only thing you need to do is be seen and serve your clients.

This way, everything is guaranteed  to be on brand, from the first photo to the last social media template.

Website + art & templates for all platforms possible:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

 If you want to know a bit more about me

(astrology & human design inside)


All my projects are created in alignment with the principles of the golden ratio & sacred geometry, becoming beautiful not only to the naked eye, but also at the subconscious level.

This is crucial to capture & retain the attention of your clients.


What i offer is the opportunity to make your brand look dashing, with outstanding functionality and in resonance with the universal principles of timeless beauty, natural balance, and harmony.

Fibonacci Sequence

Golden Ratio

Seed of Life

Please take a look at my previous work:



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Why work with me?

I am Creative

I'm constantly checking new trends and inspiring sources to bring you the latest designs.
Plus, i meditate. A lot.

I am Punctual

Punctuality is about organisation and staying connected.

I make it a point to answer you quickly and efficiently.

I am Friendly

All requests start with a good discussion.

Let's start a conversation to define your needs and find a solution


What my clients have to say:

"Luciano created the perfect logo for me. He delivered it in incredible time with perfect professionalism. All of my clients are so impressed with the logo he made for me. Huge help to my business and life. Thank you Luciano!"

Matt Adams  -  Matt Adams Global

"Luciano is super inspiring, committed and creative! He has the eyes and heart for detail and transmission. I worked with many designers and the way I'm able to actually ground my vision and get my work through with Luciano is just the best. He listens, gets it, creates, edits, uplifts and manifests on time - with spirit and heart"

Anna Maria Magdalena  -

"Luciano was incredible to work with. His work exceeded my expectations, his quality is incredible, all while having fast responses and quick delivery. I would highly recommend him and he is now the only person I would go to for all my graphic design and website needs. Highly recommended!"

Kerri Cust  -

"Luciano was critical to the successful launch of our first e-commerce brand and products. He helped us with our brand name, identity and logo. He designed 15+ product brochures and our website landing page. He has always been generous with his time - making sure that we were 100% happy with his work and that no detail was overlooked. He creates beautiful designs, inspired by a deep level of spiritual awareness. I highly recommend The Intelligent Design and will continue to work with Luciano as we grow our business"

Kara Bauer  -

"Working with Luciano is one of the most easeful and pleasurable experiences I have had in the realm of graphic design. He is a rare combination of competence and creativity who gives me the sense of being fully committed to my project. I appreciate his speed and accessibility and an end product which is as high a quality as anyone I have worked with, but with the bonus of being faster and more friendly than most any."

Eugene Hedlund  -  ISTA -

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Got a project in mind?

I want to hear more about it!

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