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Design Keys 

Luciano Armani

Human design + Gene Keys

Reference Guides

Read the profiles faster

Human Design Card deck
Human Design Card deck

Have all the information in one place

Deepen your studies

What you GET:

- 44 Design Keys Cards (pdf) with:

-Info about each center, both defined and undefined
-Circuitry system for each channel
-Gene keys for each gate
-Full bodygraph information for each center

-The human design types

-The human design authorities

-Variables (beta)

-6 Lines Cards (pdf) with:

-All the lines basic information-All the keywords for each line on each sphere


Ready to print at home or your local print shop!

I provide all the HIGH RESOLUTION files so you can use them in ANY DEVICE, or print them in ANY FORMAT

This is a 100% digital product

(you will receive the card images to print on your own).

Discounted until June 15th:


Save 33%!


Price is in United States Dollars

Human Design Line 1
Human Design sacral authority
Human Design projector
Human Design Variables
Human Design Throat Center
Human Design Ajna

Less than $1 per card!



Check out this discounted offer:

HD + Circuitry Bundle

Get it in a bundle with the

Circuitry cards

Human Design

$37 + $33 = $80

Save an EXTRA 35%+!

Human Design Lines

90+ Cards!


Human Design Circuitry
Human Design Collective circuitry


44 Cards with all the keynotes and information on all 37 channels and their circuitry type!

Human Design channel 18 58
Human Design 23 43 channel
Human Design 59 6 channel
Human design circuitry

This gives you all the tools you need to make a mini-reading of any chart!

How it looks printed
(physical cards not included - print at your favorite print shop)

What people are saying:


Learn quicker

Study any chart with ease, and accelerate your study!

No need to sift through tons of books or pdfs anymore. 

Always on hand

Ideal as a gift

Center definition, gates, channels, shadows, gifts and siddhis, all in your pocket! 

(plus they look really cool don't they?)

For anyone interested in human design or gene keys.
Send the digital file or prepare a unique print for your loved one!.

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Human Design Poster
Human Design Poster
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What are the Design Keys?

It is an integrated combination containing the best of Human design and Gene keys.

Why combine them?

Human design provides practical tools to start making changes in your life right now, which can have an immediate beneficial effect. It is a  masculine / yang approach.

Human Design bodygraph
Gene Keys golden path

Gene keys provides depth and long term understanding of your patterns. The essence of the teaching is to slowly polish your shadows into gifts, as you contemplate them. It is a Feminine, / Yin approach.

It is the combination of both that, to my criteria, provides the most balanced and beneficial approach for self development.

Want to learn more? 


Luciano Armani

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