what would you


Seriously, what do you 


If you could have life your way, what you make you feel FULL, JOYFUL



What is standing in the way of that for you, RIGHT NOW?

Hello, my name is LUCIANO

& I've been asking myself these questions my whole life:

How can i make life easier?


How can can i flow with more grace?


how do i find more joy and minimum struggle?


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Aren't you TIRED of things being DIFFICULT?


of GRINDING, STRUGGLING, finding OBSTACLES at every turn?

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What if it was possible for you to refine your human experience to a point where things just fall into your lap, using the GIFTS you already have to make a positive impact in your life, while being handsomely rewarded for it?


What if each of your relationships was harmonious, with great communication and boundaries, where everyone was feeling seen and where you had the right people around you?

What if your body was in such a state of vibrancy and health that moving it became a natural impulse, where physical effort became a pleasure to perform


What if your creativity just flowed day in and day out, blossoming from an unseen place, a fountain of genius that just keeps on giving?

Do you feel this is possible for YOU?

Can you believe that life can be a joyful, easeful, delightful experience?

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I used to think it wasnt: 


That life was supposed to be hard,

That life was supposed to be struggle,

That it was a constant grind where you have to do things you dont want to do day in and day out,

That you can't just be yourself,

That you have to always force things to happen

the answer is, i was simply out of



i let my mind run the show along with thousands of programs that i picked up from my parents, people around me and the media.

I didn't listen to my body

My intuition was atrophied, and i kept indulging in the same negative belief patterns over and over again.

I kept people around me that i knew full well were not good for me.

I kept indulging in addictions to cover up things i didnt want to FEEL

i kept pushing and pushing and not really giving myself the proper time to rest (and mind you, rest is not browsing social media or netflix or taking a weekend off which is full of activities, or staying in bed while indulging in all your addictions)

by the end of it i felt either lost, frustrated, unsatisfied, fearful, angry, resentful, not seen, or any combination of those

does this sound like you at all?

Well, it turns out you can go back to your CENTER


you can start living your life according to your DESIGN, following your deepest authority


returning to your natural cycles


using tools to nurture your deep insight,


incorporating healthy boundaries


allowing yourself to be seen


spending time in stillness


LISTENING for what is required in EACH SINGLE MOMENT of your life experience

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This is what the ancients were talking about when they talked about the tao, the middle path or finding the kingdom of heaven


It is always right there for you, if you are willing to be absolutely PRESENT, instead of following the momentum of your old patterns


The right thing to do is always evident, things just flow with ease and grace, you are always in the right place with the right people at the right time for the greatest benefit of all

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How much would it be worth for you,

to live life on these terms?

From now onwards: 


everything could flow

everything could gracefully fall into place 

everything would feel right.

(which doesn't mean you'll be happy all the time or be in some permanent state of ecstatic bliss. It means that your heart is always in the right place, and theres a contentment and centered satisfaction to everything you do)


Do you want this for yourself?


What would it take for you to make the decision to start living your life from this place RIGHT NOW?

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"I want my life to flow with ease and grace, in effortless balance, for the rest of my life"


Say it out loud! say it with CONFIDENCE! Let everyone around you and in every corner of the universe to hear it, summon every particle of existence to ALIGN with this.


 You need to OWN it.


Or you could say "i want to keep struggling, i want to keep experiencing difficulty, i want fulfilment to remain somewhere in the future when i have X or become Y"


It is really up to you. It is really about making this DECISION, every single moment.

You don't need anything else, not a course, not a book, not a miracle. Just stay on that road and you'll find your bliss.


However, having someone around to guide you, someone that knows the road to it, will make it FASTER. 


Someone that has climbed that mountain before and can tell you:

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that path sends you back down the hill

that one does go to the top, but is full of thorny bushes

here, take this tool, it will help you keep balance at that difficult crossing over there

this cave is a huge shortcut, but its completely dark for quite a bit, just keep going, theres light on the other side soon.

That is what MENTORING is all about. Someone who has been where you are, is now where you want to be, and can guide you through it. 


Do you NEED it? No. 


Does it save you a lot of bruises and learning lessons the HARD way?




Does it make it FASTER, providing you with more YEARS of your life where you are living your best moments?


How much are those YEARS worth?

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that path sends you back down the hill

that one does go to the top, but is full of thorny bushes

here, take this tool, it will help you keep balance at that difficult crossing over there

this cave is a huge shortcut, but its completely dark for quite a bit, just keep going, theres light on the other side soon.

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What my clients have to say:

"I came to Luciano to Re-Ignite my masculine flame, improve the connection with my partner and to find support in handling sexual energy.

He helped me by teaching me how to circulate the energy in my body, showing me how to do sexual energy sublimation, & applying awareness and meditation techniques.

After the session that i did with him i had the MOST amazing lovemaking with my partner, it really improved my overall sex life afterwards & empowered my masculine essence.


It is so wonderful to receive this transmission from someone whos knowledgeable, whos open, and knows what he is talking about.


It was super helpful for me, and also really FUN!

I would recommend Luciano for people who need direction in personal & spiritual development, to really becoming CENTERED.


If you want to have a teacher who can show you how to integrate meditation, using your energy & coming to ALIGNMENT reach out to him.

I really believe in the concept of TRANSMISSION, & that is what happens when you work with Luciano "

-René Bos, Netherlands


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