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A deep journey through 
Human design 
with a modern
Gene Keys approach

Ever wondered what all the Centers in the Human Design chart mean and how they influence your life?


 The 9 centers represent 9 essential aspects of our life

 Having a center in Color (defined) will give you consistent access to that quality


Having a center in White (undefined) will make you inconsistent in the qualities of that center (for instance if you have an undefined will center, you might struggle with themes of self-worth)

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☲ This knowledge will give you a completely new understanding of your profile, your conditioning, and many things that you might have always considered an issue in yourlife

☲ They are a map of your gifts for business, relationships and navigating life itself!


 The 9 Centers are:


☯ Root - Pressure to do, evolve & adapt

☯ Sacral - Lifeforce energy, the capacity to sustain work, sexuality


☯ Spleen - Instinct, immune system & survival

☯ Solar plexus - Emotional waves

☯ Will - Willpower,  self-worth & drive to achieve


☯ G - Sense of identity and direction

☯ Throat - Communication & action, the gearbox of the bodygraph

☯ Ajna - Mental awareness, structuring and storing information

☯ Head - Inspiration, Pressure to think & make sense of things

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✔ In this course we go step by step through each of the centers, with an exploration of it's Defined (colored) and Undefined (white) themes, and it's gates (the numbers in each center)

If you are a beginner or intermediate in Human Design and want to go deeper, with a modern, updated approach on the system, this course is a no brainer.

If you come from a Gene Keys background, and want to delve deeper into Human Design, the unique perspective of  this course will be the easiest, most aligned path to do so.


"The short & concise video format makes it so easy to study, i tell myself, lets watch one or two, and end up watching 4. Super Engaging!"


What you GET:

 The full course is comprised of 40 videos

A detailed journey through all the keywords and descriptions for each center, including Shadow, Gift and Siddhi (from the Gene Keys)

Includes not only the theory but also our practical life examples on these themes.


Limited time



50% OFF!


Less than 5$ per video

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☯ What are the Design Keys?

It is an integrated combination containing the best of the Human design and Gene keys systems.

☯ Why combine them?

Human design provides practical tools to start making changes in your life right now, which can have an immediate beneficial effect. It is a  masculine / yang approach.

hd trans.png
keys trans.png

Gene keys provides depth and long term understanding of your patterns. The essence of the teaching is to slowly polish your shadows into gifts, as you contemplate them. It is a Feminine, / Yin approach.

It is the combination of both that, to our criteria, provides the most balanced and beneficial approach for self development.

Want to learn more?

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